Doesn’t Have To Be

Maintaining and taking care of your personal and or families castle can be but does not have to be a fist shaking, head knocking activity. When owning a house you can take to the bank that there will always problems and emergencies that just happen and will need to be taken care at once on the spot. Yet, the best way to get a homes maintenance under control is make a plan and time table of when to check and make inspections and repairs that are known to be needed on a regular basis. Let me just mention here that a soon to be second home of yours is going to be one of the big box stores like Home Depot.

Let’s move on, there are a couple tasks that are best to put on the quarterly check list. There are two devices that are essential to the continuing good health of household residents and those two devices are smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors. These have improved in quality of detection over the last few years but they should still be checked on a regular basis. You should also check to see that the auto-reverse function of the automatic garage ¬†door is working properly. Hopefully you have needed to use it and never will, no the less check to be sure that it works. If you have a water softener it needs salt replaced on a regular time table and again only with time will you know how often that will need to be. One last item that if you have needs to be done at least quarterly and that is flushing and running water in any toilets and drains that that are only used one in awhile. If the drains were to dry up they would let sewer gases into the house.

As far as biannually, your water heater should get a little attention (it’s very important) you use hot water every day. The water heater has a pressure relief value and it needs to be checked to make sure that it still works properly. If it stops working, it could be a big bang. The coils on the back or underneath the refrigerator need to clean regularly to keep the refrigerator running at peak performance. You can use a vacuum hose or there is a tool that looks like a very long pipe cleaner that will get the coils clean. It also will never hurt to do a through cleaning of the whole house, spring cleaning, as it were.

As far as annual tasks go, for most people, they find it easiest to organize these on a seasonal basis. In the spring you are going to want to take care of all the tasks and checks caused because of and during the winter. Such as check the roof and gutters for damage. Check windows and exterior walls for cracks that might let in rain and water. Check the air condition unit, get ready for winter and look for dead shrubs of trees that might have winter damage and see if you might have landscaping drainage problems. The tasks that fall in the other seasons are mostly depend on what type of house and yard you have and what needs to be ready for the changes in temperature taking place constantly over the next six months.

I’ve had a very interesting experience in the last little while and it pertains quite a bit to the subject of this page so I feel that I need to add it to the content here so as to be able to help as many people as possible in their great adventure of owning and maintaining a house and home. It’s like this, when it comes right down to the nitty gritty there are numerous reasons why a house should be maintained in very good condition and one of the very best is that the owners of the house sometimes have no idea and or for warning of when the house might need to be put on the market to be sold. Like the story of one of my best friends. Anyway, if the house has been maintained and is in great condition, first off the sale is going to go through much faster and the dollar amount of profit is going to be higher for the simple fact that there will be no need to spend last minute cash to repair and or replace damaged and broken items or parts of the house. You see now a days it is pretty much mandatory that a home inspection is done on a building before any sale can take place. This home inspection can be called for by the finance company, the insurance company or both or in some cases even the new buyers. Or course if there are items found that are causing a hazard or danger to the occupants then these items have to be fixed…or no sale.

This is what happened to my friend. A situation came up where it was very much in his favor to sale his house and do so in a short time. He was not aware that a home inspection would have to be done. When the inspector found a number of areas that he suggested to the new owners be fixed they requested so and would not buy till the repairs were completed. Well it cost him thousands of dollars and weeks worth of time and in the end this whole thing cost him ten’s of thousands of his hard earned cash simply because he had maintained his home in good condition all around. By the way the company that did the inspection was